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Aug. 12, 2022

It's Best I Jump Start You 2 Create-What-Matters. Ready?! ;~)

It's Best I Jump Start You 2 Create-What-Matters. Ready?! ;~)

My -/+ Question for You,

Have you ever used Jumper Cables to Jump Start your car or another's car?

As you know, that's A Bit of A Tricky Task 2 Transfer -/+ Electrical Energy! :-)

I Believe I Can Do Just That 2 JUMP START YOU 2 Create-What-Matters. ;~)

First, I need to check your Battery to confirm you need -/+  JUMP START:

The majority of Robert Fritz's books include The Principles of Creating.

The Principles of Creating include these 2 Acronyms: (-) CR And (+) ST

You Know; Or: You Do NOT Know The Meanings of (-) CR And (+) ST?

(+) ST Included On 2 Pages: Here's How WE Heal Uvalde FRONT | BACK

It's NOT Possible for ME 2 Make A SOLID -/+ Writing Connection w/YOU.

That's Why I AM Focusing On Creating A Very Best Podcast (Audio) Platform.

Please let me know if you have 1 Recommendation besides Buzzsprout.

Here's 1 Test for Understanding 2 Relative Points to Create-What-Matters:

Take a few minutes to seriously contemplate The Current Realty of Uvalde, TX after The Massacre of 2 Teachers, 20 Children. (Care/Dare 2 Review)

"You can solve all your problems, and still not have what you want." - RF

Read 2 Pages: The Most Successful Process for Accomplishment in History.

Robert Fritz's 1 Day Seminar about The Creative Process to Uvalde's Citizens to Conclude Listening to https://youtu.be/F_kCxtHwJnE

Any Other Author On Planet Earth Who Teaches About Current Reality? 1?

"Current reality is an acquired taste." - Robert Jordon Fritz

"Current reality is a required taste." - Russell Warren Kukla

CURRENT REALITY: You DO NOT HAVE The' Creative Process In Your Mind.

OUR VISION: You WILL HAVE The' Creative Process In Your Mind: I AM

BUY, READ, PRACTICE, & MASTER The Path of Least Resistance for Artists!

Here's How WE Heal Uvalde, TX And America On Buzzsprout

Creatively Yours, I AM Russell Warren Kukla CreateAGreatAmerica.US