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The' Creative Process is The' Foundation to Create Every Thing Else YES!

Hello, Dear Friend, Whomever you may be and wherever you may be.

Welcome. I hope the subject of this newsletter and video grabbed your attention even though it's a little long, because I truly believe this is a number one statement that I'll ever be able to share with you to encourage you in a very best way possible to Learn a Proven, Dependable, Repeatable Method for Creating. The' Creative Process is The' Foundation to Create Every Thing Else. I truly believe that.

Before I go into details, I have a question to ask you. Not on a scale of 1 to 10 or one to 100, but on a scale of zero to 36, where do you believe we are in America today? Closer to the 36, children, teenagers and adults creating a great America? Or closer to the zero, children, teenagers and adults destroying a great America. Two days ago, I heard a survey that 10% of Americans, and I think the word I heard used was state, a productive state, 10% of Americans believe we are in a productive state, that we are on the correct path, would that be a better way to turn that? So instead, I'm here to encourage you. We can't fool ourselves. Have we Learned a Proven, Dependable, Repeatable Method for Memorizing? Is there any school in America Teaching that? Absolutely Not.

In the same way, have, "you" Learned a Proven, Dependable, Repeatable Method for Creating, or is there any school in America that's Teaching that? Absolutely Not. This is a path I'm recommending, two methods. W. Edwards Deming, America's founding father of total quality management, a statistician, lived from 1900 to 1993, his one quote he wanted us to remember, "Only the method matters." Everybody's trying their best, everybody wants to succeed, but by what method? It's that simple. So I to you, if you've learned this method for memorizing, what do these four letters stand for? These are two words, and two words that pertain to the creative process. I don't know if we'd call them acronyms, but just the abbreviations, you should boom, boom, that quick. When I was an Auto Body Mechanic, we had what we called a DA. If you were an Auto Body Mechanic, and I said, "Hey, go get the DA," what would you go get? Well, DA stands for dual action orbital sander, everybody that's an Auto Body Mechanic knows what a DA is. Everybody that's creator that has read Robert Fritz's book, The Path of Least Resistance and Creating and all the other books know what these letters stand for, two words, two words in the creative process, consciously aware of them.

So when I'm sharing with you the creative process as the foundation to create everything else, I look back on my life. Both fit for my days in Auto Body, my days as a welder, my days in television production, drama, writing, dramatic writing, in sales. Absolutely both in sales, a number one sales representative for at least four corporate companies, absolutely. So either you know or you don't know what this stands for. So two reasons why this came to my attention. Number one, I was recently in a car accident where I was almost taken from planet Earth in less than a minute. Gone. What's Russell has been talking about anyways? This is it, this is what I've been sharing. This is why I, you, we need a conscious understanding of it fits for memorizing, when we're memorizing, we're using the creative process. It fits for everything, for a building, for a bridge, for drama, for a film, for a writing, for sales, it's everything.